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Our Solar Power System Components

Solar Panels

Solar panels for rooftop & ground-mounted PV systems.

Solar Glass

Solar glass for solar cladding, windows and PV modules.

Solar Inverters

Our solar inverters to get the most out of any PV-system.

Solar Batteries

Long-lasting batteries for solar power storage solution.

Solar Parts

Parts for solar  manufacturers and maintenance services.

Key to a Clean Energy Future

Installing a solar power system means making yourself completely energy independent from fossile fuels. The devices involved require no fuel to run on. Thus, they do not emit any greenhouse gasses. As opposed to nuclear power reactors or gas turbines, solar energy generators produce no nuclear or chemical waste either.

Solar power is not only far superior to conventional sources of energy. It’s natural characteristics clearly distinguish it from other renewable resources. Therefore, it is the most valuable technology in a modern energy economy.

Unlimited. Sustainable. Economic.

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Our star provides enough energy to cover global power demand 10,000 times over.

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The Sun is a natural power plant. No human labour is needed to operate a solar energy system after it is set up.

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Nothing is cheaper than an automatic power plant with limitless resources.

Backbone of a Global Energy Revolution

Solar energy is the most abundant, most renewable resource we have. From the total amount of solar energy reaching earth, we need only 0.01% to cover the entire global energy demand.

One key aspect that gives solar power advantages over other renewable sources is its passive nature. Solar plants merely absorb the energy emitted by the sun. Our star itself is a natural power plant. It runs completely without involvement of human operators.

Thus, solar power is not only an unlimited resource. It is also the most economic and sustainable source of energy known to man. After the initial investment, your power supply will be completely run by itself and 100 % free of cost.

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The efficiency of solar power systems depends on the right installation and components. With us, you have access to solar devices of the highest quality at an unrivaled cost advantage.

We help you find the best system for your requirements. Our solar power experts provide you with free consultation during any stage of your project.

Our Solar Power Solutions

We cover solutions for both commercial and domestic solar systems. As our customer, you get a complete solar energy package tailored to your individual requirements. For wholesale purchases, please head over to our solar power systems components section.

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Solar Home Systems

With solar panels costing less and less, installing a cheap solar power system is one of the best choices homeowners can make.

Why Power your Home with Solar?

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Lower Energy Bills
carbon neutrality
Decreased Carbon Footprint
real estate value
Increased Home Value

Solar Power Systems for Business

Installing a solar plant is an investment, not an expense. Apart from attractie financial incentives, going solar will give your business several other distinct advantages.

Solar Power – Business Advantages

cost reduction
Tax Credits
reduced operating costs
Reduce Operating Costs & Save Money
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Solar Power System Main Components & Functions

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It is very easy to set up a solar power systems as it only require two basic components © Clean Energy Reviews

Basically, solar power systems require only two components to perform basic functionalities: An array of solar panels and an inverter. Devices like solar batteries are optional but can greatly improve a solar power systems performance.

info orangeINFO: Head over to our solar power systems components section to view our solar power devices.

Solar Panels

solar panels array

Solar panel arrays are the heart of every solar power system. Their purpose is to absorb sunlight reaching earth before passing the resulting energy on to an inverter.

Size and number of cells determine the effectiveness of solar panels. All types of solar panels are made of semi conducting material (solar glass),. Thin film is one of the best solar glass technologies for producing cheap solar panels with high efficiency.

Peak Sun Hours

Solar PV panels work only when are exposed to full sunlight. Therefore, this period of the day is referred to as peak sun hours. Depending on location, it lasts 4-6 hours.

As a consequence, PV systems must generate enough electricity in 6 hours to cover daily energy consumption. In addition, they must be equipped with a battery to store this amount of energy for later use.

Otherwise, solar power can provide power only during peak hours.

Solar Inverters

solar inverter

Solar inverters change incoming DC power into AC for use by businesses or residences. The input capacity must  be the same as the total output of the solar panel array. For off-grid solutions, more expensive, high quality inverters with robust convection cooling systems are fit for purpose.

Solar Batteries

AS1 solar battery project reference 2

Solar batteries store excess power for later use. Thus, energy that is not immediately consumed by the house is not wasted. As a result, a solar battery allows energy generated by your solar panels to be used at night as well.

Furthermore, a battery solution allows for excess solar power to be profitably exported to the grid. Preferably, this is done during day time when the electricity rate is peaking.

By installing a solar battery storage system, you are less dependent on the electricity grid or affected by power cuts. On top of that, you have to pay less or no money at all to your energy supplier. Check our lithium ion battery products for your optimal battery storage solution.

Solar Glass

solar glass

Solar glass is special glass used to cover thermal solar collectors. It is used for manufacture of panels, windows or solar cladding. We highly recommend solar glass to maximize power output. Equipping a building with solar glass windows or using it as building facade makes your solar power system up to 50 times more powerful.

Our Solar Power Blog

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The sun provides enough energy in one hour to meet the entire global energy demand for a year. Without a doubt, the sun is the strongest renewable energy source available to man. However, every step in the quest for energy transition needs to be planned wisely. To give you clearer picture of what role solar power plays, we describe some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

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Community Solar – Unlocking Solar Power for Everyone

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Solar Power Cost

The price of solar PV systems decreased rapidly in the last decade. Furthermore, you will save at least 20% of your annual electricity costs with only a small solar power system. Accordingly, higher output solar power installations will result in even lower electricity bills. No conventional energy supplier will be able to offer such an attractive time of use tariff.

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Energy Return On Investment

One metric to show the financial benefits of solar power is energy return on investment (EROI). This is the ratio of electricity generation divided by the equipment and installation costs.

For example, the average 11kw solar system price is around € 12.000 (GBP 10.000). Saving about € 850 (GBP 700) in energy costs, the solar power investment will pay itself off after 14 years.

Substracting the 11kW solar system cost, your net saving through solar power are € 9350 (GBP 7835) after 25 years. That is a return on investment of almost 78%.

Solar Power System Cost Calculator

Before you buy solar panels, you have to know the total power output required to fully supply a households demand. This value determines two fundamental properties of your solar system: Inverter capacity and the number of on- or off grid solar panels.

While the amount of electricity savings doesn’t have to be known, it helps to visualize that installing a solar power system for home is actually the most economic way to generate electricity for a household. The amount of money saved through solar power can actually make the difference between a mediocre and a great retirement pension if done correctly.

Use our solar power calculator to get a rough idea of how your own solar power system for home could look like. All you need to know is your monthly electricity expenses.

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Calculating Solar Power System Size


Note that these numbers are just a rough estimation of how your solar power solution could like. To receive precise pricing information, get in touch with us to get a quote or schedule an appointment for a free online consultation.

16 Generic 265 WATT PANELS

4.27 kW

$136,899.86 Over 30 Years

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Solar Power Calculator

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Solar Power Systems Government Grants

Many governments provide incentives for going solar. Usually, they offer rewards in the form of grants, tax deductions, solar loan or subsidies.

To find out which kind of solar incentives are available in your country, please use the contact form below.

National Grant Schemes

Governments on the national, provincial and town level offer various options for subsidising commercial solar PV systems. For example, there are grants to fund the purchase of solar panels for businesses by up to 10%. Furthermore, solar leases can be attractive option for some projects. Before installing solar panels for your business, you should find out about the following solar financing options in advance:

  • Low-Interest Loans
  • Statutory Feed-in Electricity Tariff for Commercial Solar Installations
  • Regional Subsidy Programmes
  • Grants from Energy Suppliers

info orangeINFO: For a detailed country-by-country analysis of solar power investments, we recommend the 2020 world bank study “Solar Photovoltaic Power Potential by Country“.

Discover Your Energy Independent Solution Today

JustWe makes sure that your costs stay minimal throughout your solar power project. Our equipment is available at near factory price and we connect with local installers to minimize installation costs.

As a European provider for solar solutions, we are familiar with grant schemes throughout Europe. Get in touch with us to find the best financing options for your solar project today.

Feed in Tariff FIT

A feed-in tariff is a policy to encourage investment in renewable energy. To that end, governments offer a price above market level for feeding energy into the grid. These incentives are usually aimed at homeowners and small business.

Usually, FITs involve long-term contracts of 15-20 years length. In particular, this is common in developed countries like the U.S., Germany and Japan.

Smart Export Guarantee SEG

As opposed to FITs, homeowners in the UK profit from a new legislation called Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Under SEG, UK energy suppliers are required to pay households and businesses for exporting solar power to the grid. The amount of exported electricity is measured through net metering.

info orangeINFO: In order to benefit from SEG, your solar panel installation needs to be conducted by an MCS accredited installation service.

Use the contact form below to inquire about which financial incentives are available for your solar power project. Make sure to provide the correct details for a correct assessment.

FIT/SEG Inquiry

13 + 1 =

Your personal data will only be used to process your inquiry and will be deleted afterwards.

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Our EV Charging Solutions

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Electric cars are as vital in the quest to achieve energy transition as solar power. Make sure to check out our products and solutions for EV charging.

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Solar Power Systems – FAQ

What is Meant by Off-Grid Solar Systems?

 An off-grid solar system is a complete package that includes everything you need to generate your own energy.

How to Go Off the Grid with Solar?

First of all, an off-grid kit needs a battery to store excess solar power when you are not using it. Note that not all solarbatterysolutions are suitable for a stand alone solar panel system. You need a dedicated off-grid battery that can “island” or form its own grid.

This way, the solar panels recharge the battery every day without being connected to the grid. Likewise, an off-grid solar power system needs an off-grid inverter.

How Much Does an Off-Grid Solar System Cost?

Off-grid systems require a higher capacity and more devices. Thus, the solar power off-grid cost is higher than for an on-grid system. On average, the best off-grid solar kits are about twice as expensive as on-grid systems.

How Much Electricity Does a Solar Power System Produce in a Day?

Most panels on the market today are rated to produce between 250 and 400 watts per day, and their output is measured in kWh (kilowatt hours).
A typical domestic solar system has a capacity of between 1 and 4 kWh when combined.