Residential Solar Carports – Are They Worth it?

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Solar carports are a great alternative for homeowners who can’t install a solar power system on their rooftop. However, a residential solar carport is more than just a car shelter with a PV system. Solar carports are highly versatile and provide many opportunites to reduce carbon footprint as well as energy costs.

In this post, we explain how a residential solar carport works, Also, we outline the approximate costs and how they perform against conventional solar power systems. Furthermore, what applications and features can be combined in a solar carport.


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A solar carport is a freestanding canopy structure that is roofed with solar PV panels. It can be combined with EV charging and solar battery storage solutions to make car charging 100% renewable.


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Solar Carports vs Rooftop Solar

While solar carports tend to be more expensive, they provide an amount of versatility that rooftop solar systems can’t. They are especially beneficial in cases where the roof does not allow for a solar power system to be installed.


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Like normal rooftop solar systems, the cost of solar carports varies depending on the type of solar panel used, power output. If additional features like EV charging are equipped, they will factor into the residential solar carport cost too.


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While solar carports primarily serve as car parking spaces, it can combine several aspects of renewable energy according to need. The most common additions to solar carports are EV charging stations and battery storage units.


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Carports include a number of sophisticated devices and their installation should be done by certified professionals. Effort and cost of installation depend on the individual setup of each carport solution.


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What Is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a freestanding multi-purpose structure that combines several aspects of renewable energy. It’s primary function is to serve as a sheltered car parking lot while generating solar power on the roof. Solar carports use the same technology as a conventional ground-mounted or rooftop solar power installation to produce energy.

Electricity generated by the solar panel carport roof can be used in many ways. It can either be consumed directly by the household, exported to the grid, or stored in batteries for later use. In general, solar carports generate the same amount of electricity as conventional rooftop solar power systems.

Residential Solar Carport

longi justwe
solar panel carport roof domestic

Our residential solar carport adds value to any home through innovative technology and high quality engineering. It can be combined with a battery storage solution.

A smart energy management system controls and optimizes internal consumption to minimize energy costs.

In addition, our carport can also be fitted with a home EV charging system. Available are all models from AC home chargers line as well as the Polaris DC home charger.

  • Area/Module: 18㎡
  • Optional battery storage
  • Optional EV home charging point
  • PV module output: 450W
  • Fully customized

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Residential Solar Carport Cost

Generally, residential solar carports are much cheaper than their commercial counterpart. This is because they tend to be smaller and therefore require less effort to build. However, when compared to a conventional solar power system, they are slightly more expensive on average. Generally, the cost of solar carports is determined by several factors.

Solar Carport Cost Components

  • Type of solar panel
  • Number of carport modules
  • Output capacity
  • Battery (optional)
  • EV charging unit (optional)
  • Installation cost

INFO: Most European countries offer government grants or other financial incentives to reduce the cost of solar carports. Book a discovery call if you’d like us to help find the right grant scheme for your area.

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Naturally, the total cost of a solar canopy will depend on the size of the structure and the attached solar system. Obviously, the type of equipment used and the local installation cost are a factor as well. Using European and UK average prices for solar equipment, you can roughly approximatie the cost of a residential solar carport project.

Solar Carport Cost Summary

  • Solar canopy + installation: €9,300 (GBP 7800) – €13,800 (GBP 11600).
  • Solar panels + installation: €7,500 (GBP 6300) – €15,200 (GBP 12800)
  • Cost per watt: €2.53 (GBP 2,13).

Note that these are rough assessments based on average prices that do not replace an accurate quotation. Clearly, adding an EV charging station and/or battery storage solution will have signifcant effects on total cost and ROI.

residential solar carport installation

Installation & Requirements

In general, solar carport installations should always be done by certified professionals. This because solar carports feature special equipment like EV chargers and solar panels that are not safe if handled by laymen. Due to the growing popularity of solar carports, however, the number of reputable installers keeps rising. Most solar companies can install solar carports as well.

Solar Carport Installation – Key Points

  • Number of carport modules
  • EV charger installation (if applicable)
  • Battery storage

The installation effort (and thus installation cost) varies and is determined by how the solar carport solution is configured. For example, a solar carport solution with an EV charging solution will require slightly more effort. This is because the charging station has to be properly wired and mounted.

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Solar Car Port vs Rooftop Solar

While rooftop solar power systems are cheaper, many homeowners will not be able to install them. This is because rooftop systems have delicate requirements regarding roof space, angle, obstacles and shading. If these factors are not aligned with the solar power system, it may not be worth the investment.

Solar carports do not have these liabilities because they provide the roof themselves. Also, they can be flexibly placed and orientated for optimal sunlight exposure.

Solar carports also provide more flexibility when optimizing solar panel orientation and make use of otherwise wasted space. Generally, solar carport support systems are specifically designed to allow ideal sunshine exposure, which most roofs cannot. Problems like roof angle, shading, orientation, and size issues are eliminated because the solar panels themselves serve as the roof.

Solar Canopies

solar canopies title image

Residential solar parking canopies are not the only type of installation that offers significant advantages over standard solar power systems. Find out how other types of solar canopy solutions can be used to optimize renewable energy generation. More on solar canopies »

Versatile, Cost-Efficient & Secure

Besides offering advantages over standard solar power systems, solar carports can serve multiple purposes by combining them with other devices. They can be fitted with EV chargers, allowing users to charge their car with free and unlimted solar power. Adding battery storage, any excess energy can be stored for later use or export to the grid.

In their main function as covered parking space, carports shield automobiles from direct sunshine, wind, rain, and snow. Keeping a car covered from the sun also increases fuel efficiency. This is due to the reduced need for air conditioning to cool the vehicle down upon entrance.

resident solar carport features

Extra Features

Solar carports are more than just car shelters with solar panel roofing. The whole concept of a solar carport revolves around it’s flexibility. It can be fitted with other features according to user’s needs. The most common additions for solar carports are EV chargers and battery storage solutions.

Solar Carport with EV Charging

For a solar carport + EV charging combination, we recommend EV smart charging devices for maximum user convenience. This minimizes energy costs as well as carbon fooptrint at the same time.

For example, they can be set to only charge a vehicle with solar energy generated by the carport solar panel. Furthermore, they can be scheduled to load at specific times to take advantage of a time of use tariff. All of this can be done via a smartphone app.

Best EV Charger for Residential Solar Carports

Smart Home Series

The Smart Home Series Wallbox s a great allround-device excelling in performance and versatility. Charging most EVs in less than 6 hours, it is a great addition for residential solar carports.

Smart management and an accompanying internal cloud platform allow for efficient control scheduling and energy metering.

To benefit from time of use tariffs, the Smart Home Wallbox can be programmed to automatically charge at certain times.

  • Best EV Charger for Home
  • Smart EV charger
  • Remote control via app
  • Wall-mount or floorstand
  • Automated charging schedules
  • 2 Years Warranty

Solar Carport with Battery Storage

Normally,solar power installations generate electricity only during daytime. Thus, any extra energy produced is sold to the grid and purchased back at night for a much higher price.

A solar battery storage system allows households to make better use of the solar power generated. For example, the solar power generated can be used for EV charging at night. Some solar battery storage systems also feature emergency backup systems for self-sufficiency during power outages.

Battery Storage Solution for Residential Solar Carports

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AS 1-3KS-5.1

SAJ Solar battery bank AS 1

The SAJ AS 1-3KS-5.1 is a great choice for solar carport solutions. With an integrated inverter, the fully AC coupled device acts as a full stand-alone battery storage system.

A full-fledged intelligent energy storage system with smart meters provides maximum freedom in terms of energy and expense allocation.

The AS1 adds a new dimension of scalability to solar system with it’s modular design. To increase storage capacity, it can be combined with additional battery units any time.

  • Optimal for solar carports
  • Storage capacity: 5.1 kWh
  • Modular design
  • Lithium battery
  • No lead acid
  • Smart energy management
  • 3 different operating modes
  • Integrated inverter charger

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What is a Solar Carport?

A Solar carport is just like a standard carport. The main difference is that the roof is constructed from Solar modules, providing clean, green renewable energy

Why Choose a Solar Carport for Domestic Use?

If you are building a carport or replacing an older style carport, a Solar Carport is, in our opinion the obvious choice. It provides a perfect space to store what is considered to be the second biggest purchase – your car. Not only that, the solar panels will contribute to your energy needs and reduce carbon emissions considerably.

Why Choose a Solar Carport for Commercial Use?

In an age where the protection and conservation of our environment is becoming more critical, Solar Carports allow large scale development of energy plants within areas that have already been developed, reducing the need to encroach onto agricultural land and virgin areas. The growing demand and rising cost for energy and the need to reduce carbon is becoming ever more crucial. Solar Carports help to address this and deliver energy where it is needed, providing safe spaces and comfortable areas for people to park and as time goes on to park and charge their cars.

Do Solar Carports Cost More Than Standard Ones?

The simple answer is yes. However, many of the build costs are very similar. The Solar roof canopy replaces the typical carport roof meaning that the premium for this is much smaller than you would first think. Don’t forget it does the same job, but pays you back with clean green renewable energy, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Are Solar Carports Easy to Maintain?

In many ways they are much easier. Many standard carports use poly carponate sheets and other roofing materials that trap dirt and debris. Solar Carports utilise the latest in glass technology. The structure is extremely strong and resistant to many climatic and environmental conditions. In addition, the coefficient properties of the glass prevent debris and dirt adhering to the surface. Rain or a simple hosing is normally enough to clean

What Are the Main Benefits of a Solar Carport?

The primary function is normally to protect a car and provide a shelter. However, because this system is modular the uses are limited only by imagination. In addition to energy generation for your home or business, the system is also available with EV charging and battery storage options. Unlike traditional carports, the Solar Carport is an investment which brings financial and environmental benefits.

Are Planning Permissions Required?

Solar carports require the same permission as standard carports.

Are Carports Taxable?

In domestic installations solar PV installations qualify for the reduced rate of 5%., unlike non solar carports which are charged at the standard VAT rate of 20%, The reduced rates also apply to battery storage where required.

Do Carports Look Unsightly?

Our carports have been specifically designed to enhance the built environment, creating a visually stimulating solution.

Are Carports Safe?

LONGi carports have been designed and tested to withstand a wide range of everyday conditions, and even extreme situations such as typhoons, earthquakes and snow loading. Every component is made to exacting standards. The modular design means that every section is as strong as the last. Our systems also include many design features to prevent impact. All roof joints are engineered and fully waterproof.

Are Solar Carports Expensive?

We have taken great care to develop a modular and affordable solution that has been optimised in every way. Many components are multi-functional, reducing assembly time and the necessity for accessories. The roof canopy is constructed entirely from Bi-facial solar modules, reducing weight loads and the need to use addition substrates.

Is a Solar Carport a Good Investment?

The simple answer is yes. Costing only a little more than a standard carport, the inclusion of up to 4kwp of solar per bay will provide a welcome contribution to the your energy or investment needs. In the ever-changing world of energy prices, it means that the price you have ‘locked-in’ the price of every energy unit that is produced by your carport.

How Long Does a Solar Carport Last?

All carports are made from high grade aluminum, and designed to withstand a wide range of environmental and climatic conditions. All components are warrantied and come with the knowledge that the system is designed and built by the largest Solar company in the world.

What Are the Dimensions of One Carport Module?

Unlike some systems LONGi carports are modular. Each bay is 3m x 6m and the canopy has a solar array of approximately 4kwp. As the system is modular, it may be as big as you need it to be, knowing that every bay is as strong as the last.