Renewable Supply Chain Solutions

Renewable Energy Tender Service for PV & EV Charging Projects

Procurement plays a critical role in terms of boosting renewable energy supply chain reliability. Efficient supply chains minimize lead times, and providing cost reductions for relevant businesses.

Start establishing your own reliable supply chain for solar power & EV charging projects. Apply for partnership in our supply chain network or book a free & noncommittal discovery call.

Supplying Renewable Energy Projects Across the Globe

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80 % of suppliers see supply chain disruption as a major risk factor

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70 % of suppliers are currently adapting their supply chain & sourcing strategy

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39 % of suppliers expected to increase M&A activities until 2023

Driving Supply Chain Innovation in the Renewable Energy Sector

The challenges of obtaining cost-effective, dependable, and long-term supply chains for renewable energy sources are rising. Raw materials for solar PV, EV charging and offshore wind turbine projects are experiencing dramatic price increases. On top of that, supply chain disruptions make it increasingly difficult to guarantee acceptable delivery times.

Start Building Your Independent Supply Chain Today

We supply solar, wind and EV charging manufacturers and project developers across the globe. We increase the efficiency of their operations by collaborating closely with our supply partners and manufacturers.

We offer full supply chain services from procurement to on-site technical development. Download our application form and start building your independent supply chain with us.

JustWe Supply Chain Service

Renewable energy raised its percentage of global electricity supply from 13% in 2014 to 29% in 2020. Renewables accounted for 90% of the increase in electricity generation in the last decade.

Even in times of difficulty, the quest for clean energy transition remains our top priority. Our supply chain partner program will optimize your existing supply chain or build a new one from scratch. We achieve this by replacing traditionally high commissions with a small monthly fee and a minimal service fee on purchases.

Whether you are an international energy agency, a project developer or a supplier, several benefits make a tendering service like JustWe a vital component in your procurement and supply chain strategy.

Take Advantage of Our Services

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Supplier Diversification Strategy Development

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Bidding / Tendering Proposal Development

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Demand Analysis & Planning Solutions

Solar Carports

In cooperation with our esteemed partner LONGi, we present the best aspects of the latest technologies. Solar power, EV charging and battery storage, unified in a single, game-changing solution.

Our exclusive access to solar carport solutions allows us to offer this cutting-edge technology at near factory price. Short delivery times directly from our warehouses in Europe are guaranteed.

The legal obligation for installing a solar carport on parking spaces will become a reality in most European countries by 2023. It is worth thinking ahead and being among the first to take advantage of this technology.

EV Charging Equipment

Electric mobility has become a reality for homeowners, businesses and commercial providers. In urban construction and city building, it is already becoming a major factor.

With a rapidly developing  electric vehicle market, EV charging stations and efficient EV charging solutions are in high demand.

We cover EV charging solutions for home, workplace charging as well as commercial and public charging services. For manufacturers, we provide durable components and sustainable supply chain solutions.

Solar Energy Technologies

Installing a solar power is an investment, not an expense. Even a relatively small PV system will save you at least 20 % of your electricity costs in the long run.

Our broad partner network of manufacturers and suppliers allows us to guarantee a constant and stable supply chain. This allows us to guarantee minimum prices and delivery times.

Solar manufacturers can take advantage of our solar parts store featuring state-of-the-art solar busbar technology at prime cost.

Why Choose Us

From Asia to Europe and the United States, our partner program is available to every business. If you are looking for a solid supply chain to develop their renewable energy projects, our service will be your advantage. Purchases can be made by members and non-members. However, only members will enjoy the exclusive advantages of our supply chain partner program.

JustWe Supply Chain Partner Program Advantages

Services offeredNon-membersMembers
Professional supply chain & after-sales service

High-quality products from trusted brands

Full care & attention from our supply chain experts


Up to 20 % reduction in procurement cost

Access to factory prices

Support & consultation in manufacturer selection

Translation & visa services

Pricing & payment terms negotiation with manufacturers

Factory inspections & quality control

CIF Europe pricing

To enjoy the full range of our supply chain services, please download our application form and send a scanned copy with your signature to