Workplace EV Charging – How Charging at Work Benefits All Businesses

workplace ev charging

Emerging EV charging infrastructure opens up a whole range of opportunities. With EV sales in Europe skyrocketing, businesses respond to this development by offering workplace EV charging.

We analyze the most efficient workplace charging solutions for different business types. You will learn about how your business can reap the benefits of EV workplace charging. If you’re ready to make your purchase, you will find a detailed overwiev of grant funding options throughout Europe.


Electric Vehicle Charge Points at Work – Benefits: Workplace EV charging offers numerous benefits for all  businesses. The most obvious are happier employees.

  1. Workplace EV Charging for Different Businesses:  Most small businesses will do with one or two charging points. On the other hand, electric commercial fleets may require more sophisticated solutions. Depending on size, retail businesses, have the most to gain.
  2. Workplace Charging Grant Scheme Programmes : There are several grant schemes enabling European businesses to better facilitate workplace charging.

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The Benefits of Workplace EV Charging

First of all, all businesses benefit from workplace EV charging. However, advantages might differ depending on type and size of your business.

workplace ev charging policy belgium

Benefis of Charge Points for Businesses

  • Attract new customers and get existing customers to stay longer
  • Happier employees
  • Greener corporate image
  • Save time & money

Until now, social security and wage level have been playing the most important role when choosing a job. Employers providing charging facilities offer the icing on the cake  for employees. Furthermore, the cost of electricity is significantly cheaper than gasoline or diesel. This is an advantage especially for employers who employ field staff.

Electric mobility is in first place when it comes to energy transition. If a business installs electric vehicle chargepoints, it can participate in this image of caring and environmental protection. This gives a company an advantage over competitors in the quest for the best and most responsible employees.

What Workplace EV Charging Solutions are Best for your Business?

benefitis of workplace ev charging

Workplace EV charging point installations are key to building a solid electric mobility infrastructure throughout Europe. Different business types have to determine which kind of EV charging points is best for their intended goals. Size and type of the business are the key factor in deciding the number and type of charging units required.

EV Charging for Large Office Complexes

Corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees are usually located in large office complexes, often with underground car parks. To supply the high number of employees, more sophisticated solutions with a large number of chargers are usually required. The intended goal of your solution should be equal access to EV charging for all employees on your business premises.

Best Charger for Large Office Buildings

en plus logo

22kW AC Three Phase Wallbox

workplace ev charging solution for large office complex

As the name suggests, the Business series of EN Plus is a perfect choice for charger points for businesses.

Size, weight and features are optimized for workplace EV smart charge solutions. Flexible payment options include RFID card and mobile payment like PayPal, AliPay, Apple Pay, etc.

Sophisticated smart management features allow for convenient solutions. For example, the Business Series chargers can easily be connected to toll booth machines in parking garages.

  • Best Charger for Large Business Solutions
  • 22kW AC Charger
  • Wall-Mount or Floorstand
  • Smart EV charger
  • RFID Card Support
  • App Control
  • Type 2 Socket
  • 2 Years Warranty

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Commercial Fleets

Businesses with commercial fleets – need workplace EV charging stations to accommodate large numbers of company vehicles. Key to efficient EV charging solutions for commercial fleets are reliable and customized configurations that can be integrated into any operation. This way, your fleet is always ready to go.

Best EV Charger for Commercial Fleets

en plus logo

DC Fast Series


Our EN Plus DC Fast series chargers are more than just an electric car charger. They are equipped with several next generation features to guarantee maximum convenience.

Our DC fast chargers offer charging rates from 20kW-240kW, which can fully charge multiple vehicles in under 30 minutes. This way, your fleet will be ready at all times.

Combined with the exclusive cost advantage of our supply network, this low-risk/high-reward investment pays for itself quickly.

  • Fast & Ultra-fast DC charging
  • Simultaneous charging of up to 3 cars
  • Three Phase Charger
  • Cloud-based intelligent control
  • Convenient Payment
  • CC2S/Type 2/CHAdeMO
  • Suitable for free EV charging points

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Workplace Charging for Small Business

Even small businesses with 20 or less employees can benefit from workplace EV charging. Usually, small business solutions are focused on providing convenience to its employees. On the other hand, making your charging point visible to the public will definitely boost your environmental credentials as a business.

Best EV Charger for Small Businesses

en plus logo

Polaris DC 20 Wallbox

Polaris DC20 Wall-mount 20kW DC Charging Station

The Polaris DC20 offers a fast workplace EV charging solution without the high cost inherent to commercial rapid chargers.

With an output capacity of 20 kW, it will charge virtually any EV in under eight hours. Just perfect for a 9-to-5 scheme.

The Polaris charger is also maximally gentle on car batteries, as 20kW don’t strain the battery too much. At the same time, it is a DC charger, so the cars internal converter won’t have to be used.

  • Best EV Charger for Small Businesses
  • 20kW DC Charger
  • Gentle on Car Batteries
  • Voice Command
  • Smart Charger
  • Home App Control
  • CCS2 Smart Plugs

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Being part of our DC fast chargers line, the Polaris DC20 offers a fast workplace EV charging solution without the high cost inherent to commercial-sized rapid chargers.EV Charging for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses are among the greatest beneficiaries of the emerging EV charging infrastructure. Not only does it provide convenience to employees. It also makes customers more likely to remember and more likely to return to the same store. On top of that, nearby EV drivers are more likely to buy something while charging their car.

EV charging solutions for retail businesses are a way to generate new customers and to improve loyalty among existing ones. This works best when designing a solution that is clearly visible to anyone passing by.

Best EV Charging Solution for Retail

longi logo

Solar Carport

solar carport retail

As a result of our cooperation with LONGi, JustWe presents a game-changing solution for EV car parks at retail businesses.

This product combines convenient parking spaces with smart charging power by solar energy. The system is completely autonomous, as it draws its energy from rooftop solar cells.

Our carport solution is fully customized: Carport size, and the number of charging devices will be adjusted to your needs. If desired, you have the option to integrate a battery storage system.

  • Best EV Charger for Retail Businesses
  • Fully customized
  • Solar EV Charging
  • Optional Battery Storage
  • Intelligent Energy Management
  • Data Collection of Parking Customers
  • Rapid Assembly

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Workplace EV Charging Grant Schemes & Subsidies

workplace ev charging grant

Various incentives are in place across Europe for workplace EV charging. As a Paneuropean provider for workplace EV charging stations, we collected relevant information about all available grant schemes in Europe.

workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Grants of up to €30.000 are available for workplace charging point purchase and installation.
  • Businesses receive a grant between €300-€15.000 for purchase and installation of publicly accessible EV charging stations.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Tax Deductions of up to 200% for publicly accessible ev charging stations for workplace .
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Tax reductions of up to 1DKK (€0.13) per kilowatt-hour for charge points for businesses:
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Reimbursements of up to 50 % of purchase and installation cost for businesses that offer public EV charging stations.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Up to €2700 for AC charging systems and €11,100 for DC charging systems.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Tax exemption for electricity costs caused by employees charging their EV at work.
  • Subsidies for the installation of publicly accessible charging stations on business premises.
  • Regional incentives for workplace electric vehicle charging in Germany.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Businesses and public institutions can claim up to 75 % of the cost of purchasing and installing charging stations as tax deductions.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Grants cover between 30 % – 40 % of purchasing and installation costs for publicly accessible workplace EV charging stations.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Grants cover up to 50 % of purchasing and installation for publicly available workplace EV charging stations.
workplace ev charging policy belgium


  • Voucher-based scheme (WCS grant) covering up to 75% of acquisition and installation costs for EV workplace chargers.
  • Businesses can claim tax benefits for costs incurred by EV charging infrastructure in the first year.

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