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EV charging installations are needed in Europe to cover demand.

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Public charging stations only cover 28.58 % of total demand in Europe.

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One EV car charger can cover the energy demand of three electric cars.

Installing an EV charger means making your electric mobility independent and flexible. Public EV charger maps will no longer dictate your routes if you can charge your vehicle at your own place.

Many fast EV chargers can charge up to three cars before the first vehicle needs a recharge. Therefore, businesses need only one charger for every third vehicle if they select the right charger model. Likewise, residental areas can easily form charging pools with only a handful of EV chargers.

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EV Charger Types

  • Domestic Three Pin Plug
  • Slow Chargers (AC)
  • Fast Chargers (DC)
  • Rapid Chargers (DC)

AC chargers are the cheapest EV home chargers, but have slower charging times than DC chargers. This is because incoming AC current must be converted into DC by a car’s converter before being fed to the battery.

A 3.5kW AC charger can charge an electric car in about 12 hours. Plug-in hybrids with smaller batteries can recharge in about 3 hours at the same rate.

Fast and rapid chargers feed DC power directly to the car battery. They are bigger, faster and an exciting breakthrough in EV technology. They are found at highway rest stops, gas stations, shopping centers and car parks.

Benefits of EV Chargers

Aside from efficient resource management, installing an EV Charger yields a number of other significant advantages.

  • Increased property value: Rising demand for electric cars makes an EV charger station a natural asset for your property.
  • More revenue: Our EV chargers offer several payment processing solutions. Thus, you can offer drivers to use your charging point in exchange for a fee. This makes an electric car charger a lucrative investment.
  • Attract customers: A public EV charging unit gives your business greater visibility among potential customers. Your car charging point will show up on EV charger maps. As a result, EV drivers are likely to use your charger within sight of your business.
  • Greener corporate image: With electric mobility gaining traction, installing an EV charger is testament to a business leading by example.
  • Government grants: Most European governments have grants for home car charging stations and businesses. These policies can cover up to of 75% of the EV charger installation cost. We will provide you with free and noncommital consultation on EV charger grants in your area.

Our Expertise- Your Advantage

Our expertise in EV charging projects is your exclusive advantage when working with us. Our network is connected with key energy suppliers for electric cars. Thus, we can help to determine the best electricity tariff for electric car charging stations in your area.

We cover all environmental, regulatory, commercial and technical aspects of your project, bringing world-class expertise into the latest technologies. Feel free to book a discovery call to start developing your EV charging project with us today.

Our EV Car Charger Services & Solutions

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Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Electric mobility is taking up more and more space in everyday live. With it comes a growing demand for more efficient commercial EV charging solutions.

EV charging solutions are already a commodity and businesses need to innovate in different directions to stay competitive.

Our global supply network provides EV charging components and complete solutions of the highest quality from a single source.

Our Commercial EV Charging Solutions:

Workplace Charging & Corporate Fleets
Public Charging Points for Retail Businesses
Restaurants & Hotels
Commercial & Public Electric Vehicle Charging Points
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Car Parks

EV Charger for Home Charging Stations

Charging at home is not only a critical component in an emerging electric mobility infrastructure. An EV home charger installation also saves more space and money than conventional gas stations.

For wholesale purchases, check our .home wall chargers and smart charger solutions.

Our EV Home Charging Solutions

Public residential projects
Private Real Estate Projects
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Projects in Public Space

EV Charging Solutions for Business & Home

We provide solutions for complete electric vehicle charging stations in all sizes. Our global supply and service network maximizes comparative advantage and labour division. As a result, we can guarantee for continuous cost reduction and a holistic renewable energy infrastructure.

EV Home Chargers

EV home chargers almost exclusively feature AC charging, with charging rates from 3.5kW to 11kW. Even though it is possible to install an 11kW charger at home, these devices usually require a three phase power supply. Most private homes do not have a three phase power supply and require an appropriate upgrade.

info orangeINFO: In theory, 11kw or 22kW charger solutions are possible for home installations. However, anything beyond a 7kW charger requires a three phase power supply.

Most private homes only have a single phase supply by default and upgrading to a three phase supply can be very expensive. So, in most cases, we recommend to resort to public chargers for three phase charging.

Depending on charging rate, EV charging at home usually takes between 5 to 12 hours. Our product range comprises all speeds common to home charging solutions from 3.6kW to 11kW. Our EV home chargers are suitable as wall mounted solutions as well as floorstands.

Note that extreme charge/discharge cycles are problematic for lithium-ion batteries, which are used in EVs. Charging a battery to 100% and exhausting it down to zero will reduce battery capacity in the long term. Therefore, EV manufacturers recommend charging to only 80 % of battery capacity. It doesn’t have to be exactly 80 percent; as long it doesnt reach the full 100%, the battery will be fine.

Furthermore, studies on charging in cold temperatures have shown that EV batteries charge significantly slower in cold weather. This is because cold temperatures impact the electrochemical reactions in battery cells.

Commercial DC Fast Chargers

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Commercial EV charging solutions require more efficient and faster charging devices. Therefore, a typical commercial EV charging station offers charging speeds from 20kW to 150kW or more. Rapid charging solutions allow customers to fully recharge their car in less than 30 minutes.

Our DC fast chargers are more than just electric car chargers. They are equipped with several next generation features to provide maximum convenience to customers as well as operators.

EV Charger Installation

An EV charger solution is tailored to your needs, which is why each installation is unique. However, on average, an EV charger installation should take no longer than 2 hours. But, depending on the size, it may take more than a day, particularly for large commercial EV charger solutions.

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