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We make going green the most economic choice because we believe it will bring about the best of all possible futures.

Renewable Energies for a Better Tomorrow – Creating Solutions Today

Energy transition does not have to be synonymous with exorbitant costs – we make going green the most economic choice because we believe it will bring about the best of all possible futures.

Our mission is to combine sustainable supply chain management with quality products to provide the best green technology solutions for businesses and homes. We bring the world’s top-tier green tech manufacturers together while an efficient supply chain network makes sure that prices drop low enough to make going green the most compelling choice.

Our Values

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High Quality - Low Cost

The most commonly cited downside of energy transition projects is a perceived high expense. Our mission is to dispel with this notion one client at a time, by proving that renewable energies are the most economically feasible choice not only in the long run, but, if properly sourced, in terms of immediate expenses as well.


Mutual Effort

Our supply chain is a globally connected network of manufacturers, service providers and researchers committed to two common goals – continuous cost minimization and a sustainable economy that brings more prosperity than models based on conventional energy.



Through close and transparent cooperation, our consultancy is also a means of passing on our expertise to clients, empowering them to act more independently and consciously on environmental issues in the future. Likewise, every client is a source of inspiration to us, allowing us to grow as a team and as individuals.


Sustainable & Efficient Supply Chains

We believe that we can only make a difference by being rigorously consistent in our philosophy. We work tirelessly to guarantee a climate-neutral transport infrastructure of our products. New members in our network must commit to completely getting off fossile fuels in a reasonable timeframe and can count on the unwavering support of fellow members in doing so.



We and our partners commit to the principles of comparative advantage and mutual improvement when operating in the same market – allowing for products and services to drop in price while achieving higher levels of quality for customers than zero-sum competition thinking.



Our goals are ambitious and reliable approaches require intense testing in different environments before we can present them to customers. We therefore place great value in scientific principles and conduct experiments with our partners to discover opportunities for improvement and eliminate weakspots based on empirical data.

Our History

JustWe has it’s roots in the late 1990s with the establishment of a Sino-German joint venture company producing lubricant pumps. Originating from this successful business operation, JustWe has been developing several branches focused on different aspects of clean energy. With our venture capital and investment company branch at the top, JustWe has begun in 2015 to establish several business incubators in China and Europe, from which an international alliance of green tech manufacturers laid the foundation of our current supply chain network.

Our Team

We are a multicultural team with members from all over the globe – we are proud of our diverse backgrounds because we believe that energy transition concerns everyone, regardless of their background. While our headquarters are located in China, we have several branch offices in Germany, France and the UK.

Our Members

William Lin


William Lin, founder and CEO of JustWe dedicated his life to the spread of clean energy. With over 20 years of experience in Sino-European joint ventures and more than 10 years in green entrepreneurship, he founded several international businesses dedicated to renewable energies. Apart from his occupation at JustWe, William founded the Sino-French joint venture BRS Factory in cooperation with French entrepreneur John Honore in 2016, which has become a leading provider of EV charger solutions in China and France.

He also served as Executive Vice President of Green Committee of CEATEC (China – Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation) and patron of clean energy projects in numerous Chinese cities. In the process of China’s economic transformation to become the world’s most important green technology provider, William has been playing a major role by encouraging enterprises to invest boldly and he has been actively promoting clean energy startups ever since. At the same time, he also oversaw several projects to help green startups from Europe to establish themselves in the Chinese market. After majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering, he completed his MBA in business administration at Tsinghua University.


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Zhiguo Fan

Vice General Manager

Zhiguo Fan is of Sino-German heritage and the head of our operations in Europe. Due to spending a large part of his student and professional life in Germany, he brings a deep background in working with international business customers with a focus on Europe. Before joining JustWe in 2018, he served as assistant to the general manager for Made In Quality GmbH. From 1999 to 2001, he served as project manager for the Qingdao High-tech Industrial Park Investment Promotion Bureau, where he was responsible for the successful market positioning of 15 European and American companies in the Chinese market, including major corporations like Wal-Mart.

His ability to implement precise solutions for international customers quickly are the lifeblood of JustWe business solutions. Prior to his career, he acquired a BA in intercultural Germanic Language and Literature from Qingdao University in 1998, a BA in Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation and a Diploma in Logistics Management from LMU Munich in 2008.


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Paul Jolley

Director of Operations

Paul Jolley is an entrepreneur and supply chain management expert with more than 25 years of international experience. Paul shifted his focus to the industrial tech sector beginning in 2010, leading him to found Cooka, a business rooted in the semi-conductor industry.

Throughout his career, Paul established comprehensive networks of manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. His experience in the tech sector along with the expertise in sustainable supply chain management are what keep the nodes of our global supply infrastructure connected. Prior to his career. Paul studied at Birmingham University where he got his Masters Degree in Computer Science in 1988.


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Monnet Thomas

Monnet Thomas

Head of US and Philippine Operations


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Rita Lai

HR Manager

Jan Miebach

Jan Miebach

Account Manager Benelux

Mollye Zhao

Chief Engineer


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Katja Burtyanski

Katja Burtyanski

Communications Manager

Ian Glover

UK Country Manager

May Chelley

May Chelley

Account Manager


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